Could This Be DeSean Jackson’s Final Season In Philadelphia?


In the midst of the Philadelphia Eagles reconstruction under a new regime, is a possible storm that could begin to brew at any moment now.

The Eagles are going through major changes, and one of their biggest distractions may be on his final legs as an Eagle.  DeSean Jackson went through a major contract dispute and poor play for a year and a half, before Andy Reid blessed Jackson with a five-year $51 million deal last March.

At the time Jackson who was making under a million per season, thought he had cashed in.  Instead of focusing on football and earning that money, Jackson started to focus on his record label and off the field ventures.

Jackson may want to now get back to focusing on football, because if he doesn’t, this could be his final season in Philadelphia according to Birds 24/7. 

The way the Jackson’s deal was structured, the Eagles basically committed to  Jackson for two seasons, and gave him $18 million over that time.

The rest of his contract is basically filled with option years, that cause him to earn his money as he goes.

Jackson is slated to make $6.75 million this season, with $4 million fully guaranteed, which is the fifth-highest base salary among receivers in 2013.

Jackson’s salary would then jump to $10.25 million in 2014, and remain around that number for the final three years of the deal.

That would put DeSean Jackson’s contract right up there with Larry Fitzgerald‘s $12.75 million salary, and would be double what  Roddy White is scheduled to make next season.

If the 26-year-old Jackson balls out under Chip Kelly, then he most likely will continue to get paid like a top five receiver in the game.

If Jackson continues to put up his numbers of the past two seasons, averaging 830 yards per season, and only six touchdowns, you can expect Jackson to be asked to take a massive pay cut, or simply be cut.

Gone are the memories of the Miracle at the meadowland’s 2, where Jackson broke the Giants hearts on a last second, walk off punt return.

Jackson is now more focused on being the next label mogul then elite receiver.

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  • Not worth it.

  • Desean Jackson isn’t going anywhere,so stop making accusations and get a life. Don’t you idiots get tired of making up lies for a story. What are you even talking about. If you don’t work for The Eagles then stop making up allegations.

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