Dr. Phil Suing Deadspin Over Manti Te’o

Terrell Owens Dr. Phil

Dr. Phil isn’t even a doctor, I don’t know why people even listen to him, but this is the country we live in now. Hype is favored over substance.

Dr. Phil only cares about ratings, not helping anyone. That is why he is salty over Deadspin running video of Manti Te’o fake girlfriend Ronaiah Tuiasosopo.

In the suit, filed Tuesday in U.S. District Court for Eastern District of Texas on Tuesday, Peteski claims that Gawker-owned sports blog Deadspin published the February 1 episode of “Dr. Phil” – on which Tuiasosopo demonstrated “the voice” of fake girlfriend Lennay Kekua, which he used to dupe Te’o – before the episode aired to most of its audience.

According to the lawsuit, Deadspin’s early posting of the episode – the second of a two-part interview with Tuiasosopo – had a negative effect on the episode’s ratings, because it spoiled the cliffhanger of whether he would demonstrate the Kekua voice.

I think the ratings were bad just because no care at that point. Silly lawsuit that should be thrown out of court.