Geno Smith Says He Wasn’t “Recruited” By Jay-Z


Geno Smith is now firing back at the critics, jealous agents, and reps from the NFLPA who seem to think that Jay Z is a runner, and recruited Smith to hire Roc Nation Sports as his agent.

As we reported yesterday, the NFLPA sent a letter of inquiry to Smith’s agent, Kim Miale, who will need to respond to allegations that Jay Z recruited Smith for his agency.

Today Smith made it clear via The New York Daily News that “he’s not worried about anything.”

“I don’t have any concerns,” Smith said. “Jay-Z didn’t recruit me. I chose Roc Nation Sports for management because it was something that myself and my family came to a conclusion and we felt comfortable with. And I’m happy to be a part of it. Here, I’m here to talk about football. That’s life outside of football, and what I do in this locker room and on that field is what matters now. “

As I reported yesterday, a lot of veteran agents are upset that Smith chose the unknown Miale over more high profile agents.

Smith simply will allow Jay Z to handle his marketing situation, and might have just wanted to keep all things under one roof.

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  • Robert,
    Again, quit with the propaganda. No one is jealous of Jay Z, simply obey the rules and its all good.

  • Geno Smith should have signed with Eugene Parker or C. Lamont Smith.

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