Jaguars Owner ‘Fascinated’ With Fans Wanting Tebow In Jacksonville


Jacksonville Jaguars owner Shad Khan is a good, smart business man.  Khan tried to trade for Tebow last March but shocked when Tebow chose the Jets over the hometown Jaguars.

One year later and it’s Tebow who is probably regretting his decision to chase the bright lights of New York City.  Jaguars fans are now clamoring for Tebow, as team executives continue to say no.

Jaguars owner Shad Khan was asked about Tebow for the 2,000th time recently, and told the New York Daily News that he’s “fascinated by the fans wanting to get Tebow in Jacksonville.”

“It’s a free country,” Khan said Tuesday at the NFL’s Career Development Symposium. “You got a democracy. So people have a right to express themselves.”

“We’re looking for the best players obviously for us that help us win,” Khan said. “How many players are in the NFL? I would assume it’s 90 X 32 at this point, right? So, ballpark about 3,000 players, correct? Why one player? … Why do you ask about one player? What about the other 2,999?

“Because I’m fascinated with that,” Khan added.

Khan has to understand that Tebow is a hometown hero that won championships in high school and two National Championships at Florida.

Jaguars fans are going to think Tebow can do no wrong until they see him fail in person.  Unfortunately, that won’t happen.