Kobe Bryant Accuses His Mom of Stealing His Memorabilia Out of His Home


kobe pamela bryant

This is very weird situation with Kobe and his mom. His mom seems to be upset that Vanessa’s mom got a bigger house that she has, so her way of getting payback, is stealing Kobe’s stuff and auctioning them off.

I don’t know the inner workings of the Bryant family, but regardless of what is going on behind the scenes, that seems a bit petty on her part.

Kobe is suing his mom to get his stuff back and to stop the auction.

Kobe Bryant has fired off a lawsuit of his own over more than a million bucks worth of memorabilia … claiming his own mother stole some of the stuff right from his home.

Kobe told the auction house the stuff was his, so the auction house sued Kobe and asked a judge to rule they had the right to sell the memorabilia.

Now Kobe has countersued the auction house, claiming Pamela stole some of the items from his home and refuses to return many other items that Kobe left at her house when he grew up and left.

Kobe claims he has given his mom millions of dollars and decided to draw a line in the sand when she wanted a multi-million home in Vegas.

The case seems pretty clear cut, the items in question belong to Kobe Bryant, if he doesn’t want the auction to happen it probably won’t, unless his mom has some evidence he gave his permission, which that doesn’t seem to be the case.

It is like a soap opera now.

As the Bryants Turn…


  1. This is frustrating. I see why OJ ran up in that hotel room. How the hell is Kobe getting sued because someone wants to sell his shit? And why does he have to sue someone to keep his own shit?

  2. This is why when people get rich they don’t deal with relatives anymore. He needs to stop dealing with his mother and father after this because this is unforgivable.

  3. Sometimes money doesn’t change you…it changes the people around you. With that being said, I hope no more of their family business hits the media outlets.

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