Kordell Stewart Says He Isn’t Gay, Was Raised to be Grown Man, By God-Fearing Men

kordell stewart

Kordell Stewart has been dogged by gay rumors since he played for the Steelers, so it isn’t surprising now that the world is so interested in a gay athlete, that his name has been brought back up.

Even after his marriage and now divorce, people are still asking questions. Here is what Slash had to say.

With Twitter you are limited to 140 characters, but it appears Stewart is implying that God doesn’t agree with homosexuality. Very similar to the comments made by ESPN Chris Broussard.

An usher for the Atlanta Hawks said that Stewart was hitting on him at the game, but it is very difficult to tell if that story was just an attempt for 15 minutes of fame or Kordell still hiding something.

Either way, this isn’t a discussion that is going to go away, so get use to it.

4 thoughts on “Kordell Stewart Says He Isn’t Gay, Was Raised to be Grown Man, By God-Fearing Men

  • Kordell is HOMOSEXUAL… Don’t care WTF he proclaims in CODED TWEETS Though… If you WILLINGLY take DYCKS IN YOUR MOUTH and AZZ-HOLE then YOU’RE HOMOSEXUAL… And Kordell Stewart has DONE THAT (YUPPP…) #OwnYourSHYT #DontBeAshamedOfWhoYouAre

    • How do you know (Elove)? we need evidence

      • You don’t have to BELIEVE A WORD I SAY… Here in Chi-Town NO PROFESSIONAL ATHLETE can hide WTF He is (NOT POSSIBLE…) The SAME GOES for Atlanta ALSO (YUPPP…)

        I don’t have to make up SHYT or LIE ON ANYBODY (This is a KNOWN FACT…)

        Dennis Rodman is BI-SEXUAL and Didn’t try to HIDE THAT FACT about himself when he was in Chi-Town… He was ALWAYZ in The GAY CLUBS and The VAST MAJORITY of His buddies were GAY DUDES but OUR PRESS didn’t go into Great Detail elaborating about it becuz IT WASN’T NECESSARY Though

        Chi-Town (Chicago) is a GREAT PLACE for HOMOSEXUALS (Maybe YOU need to get out MORE…) SMDH

  • He still hasnt denied it.Also, the statement he made at the end GOD FEARING Men that means nothings.That is just to support the assumption that he is not gAY.yET,HE DOES NOT DENY IT.Ill bet if we asked chris boussard he would flat out say “i am not gay”.
    if you ask any straight man he will say “i am not gay”.

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