Lions Want Ndamukong Suh To Be More Of A Leader

Ndamukong Suh

The Detroit Lions are coming off a 4-12 season, but after getting a little healthy, and signing free agent running back Reggie Bush, the Lions are feeling a bit optimistic.

The Lions are looking to fill a ton of leadership voids, and head coach Jim Schwartz would like Ndamukong Suh to fill that role immediately according to the Detroit News. 

“That’s something he’s embraced,” Schwartz said, via Chris McCosky of the Detroit News. “He’s been working very hard and he’s sort have been, I don’t want to say waiting for that opportunity, but when he came in as a rookie, he came in to a group that had a lot of veteran players, guys that had a lot of experience in the league and he did a good job learning behind those guys. But now that he’s a young veteran, it’s time for him and a lot of other guys to start showing that leadership and that comes from this time of year, comes from training camp, it comes from the regular season. Yeah, it’s time for guys like that to step up into some of those roles.”

Suh definitely needs to become a leader, and even if it’s not vocal, he needs to lead with his play and avoid ridiculous penalties.