NFL Analyst On Dez Bryant: You Can’t Cure ‘Knucklehead-itis’


Dallas Cowboys wide receiver Dez Bryant seems to be stuck between a rock and a hard place,  Bryant who is still only 24 years old, is saying and trying to do all the right things.

Then Bryant will turn around and say something sill, get caught up with Twodels beefing on Instagram, or he simply doesn’t get the benifit of the doubt from those who don’t thing he’s changed.

NFL analyst Jamie Dukes’, recently put out a list of the “Top five receivers under 25,” which he recently revealed on the NFL Network’s NFL AM show.

Dez Bryant came in at #3 on the list.

“He is No. 3 on my list because this guy is a great football player,” Dukes said. “He’s big, he’s strong, he’s country strong – that’s basically the best way you can characterize what he’s able to do. He reminds me of Cris Carter with his hands, those mitts. That’s why he only needed four fingers when he hurt one of his fingers last year.”

NFL AM co-host Mark Kriegel chimed in and took a shot at Bryant according to the Dallas Morning News, by saying the young wide receiver suffers from “knuckhead-itis.” Dukes agreed, and said that can’t be cured.

“No, you can’t cure that. Knucklehead-itis stems from life, it has nothing to do with things that happen on the field,” Dukes said.

“But this guy can do everything. The question becomes… the ‘knucklehead-itis.’ Can he stem those demons in the down time? That’s the question that’s going to keep this kid from greatness.”

Bryant truly won’t prove his detractors wrong until he can a star on and off the field.