Royce White Taunts Kevin Durant On Twitter After Thunder Lose To Rockets


Royce White is an enigma in the greatest sense of the word.  White is famous for suffering from an anxiety disorder, but a lot of his actions don’t scream of a disorder, or being anxious about much of anything.

White who was drafted by the Houston Rockets, but has spent the whole season between the D-League and countless tv appearances, was back at it again last night.

White’s Houston Rockets teammates staved off elimination last night by defeating the Oklahoma City Thunder on the road to extend the series to a game six.

Royce of course is not playing, but had enough time to tweet his happiness and take a shot at Kevin Durant in the process.



Royce White needs to spend more time focusing on getting on a NBA court and keeping his baby mama drama out of the public eye.

We understand your excited Royce, but to taunt the man who may possibly be the best player in the game, is just stupid. On top of that, of all the phrases to use, you of all people tell Kevin Durant he’s looking shaky.

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  • it was more of a playful joke than anything. “Shaaaaky Babyyy” is a reference from a rap battle that one of KD’s good friends was a participant. youtube conceited vs tsu surf

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