Steve Nash Ex-Wife Says He Banned Her From LA; Doesn’t Want to Pay Child Support

Steve Nash and Alejandra Amarilla

Steve Nash’s divorce settlement was done in Arizona and was very favorable to him. His Ex-Wife Alejandra has been trying to move to Cali, where the child support laws are in her favor, but she is saying Nash is stopping the move because he doesn’t want to pay.

Here is her story.

Steve Nash is making a full-court press to block his ex-wife from moving from Phoenix to L.A. with their 3 kids so he can avoid paying child support … this according to court docs filed by his ex.

Nash and his ex Alejandra are locked in a legal battle royale over where she’s allowed to move. Alejandra wants to relocate from Phoenix to L.A.

Alejandra says Nash has told her he didn’t want her to move out West because he might be traded or forced into retirement … which would mean uprooting the family again.

But Alejandra says Nash is simply blowing smoke — and that the REAL reason he wants her to stay put in PHX is because California courts are likely to impose huge child support obligations against him — something the Phoenix courts have not done.

Alejandra claims Steve is not paying a cent in child support … zip, zero, zilch … and he doesn’t want to blow a good thing.

4 thoughts on “Steve Nash Ex-Wife Says He Banned Her From LA; Doesn’t Want to Pay Child Support

  • This story is suspect… mean Arizona has no child support laws??! If that’s the case a whole lot of men would be moving there….I can’t believe he’s not paying any child support at all.

  • “After their divorce, Nash gave Alejandra a $5 million settlement and gives her $30,000 per month. Nash also says he pays for the kids’ medical expenses, private schools, extracurricular activities and pays most of their nanny’s $2,000 per month salary.”

    There are few things in this world worse than the women who chase athletes. They are, more time than not, despicable human beings.

  • Notice how this story is getting little to know mainstream press. I live in Los Angeles and any Laker player so much as coughs without saying excuse me gets mentioned in the print, radio and tv news. This is the only place I have seen this story. Contrast this with Terrell Owens’ situation in full display in the press. Contrast this with any other black athlete who has been accused of not paying child support! Comedian Paul Mooney is right, “He has the complexion for the protection”

    • Sorry, but you’re comparing apples and oranges here. Steve Nash may not be paying child support, but according to the reports he’s shelling out a lot of money every month to take care of his kids. He also gave his ex a lump sum of $5 mil in the divorce settlement. That’s a lot different from T.O., who was in the news because he WASN’T sending those checks to take care of his kids. I know we love to cry racism about EVERYTHING, but it doesn’t sound like that’s the case here. Of course you and lots of other folks will continue to insist it is. ‘Cause that’s what we do…

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