Trial Date set for Lawsuit Involving Kobe Bryant and his Mother

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I guess we shouldn’t be surprised that a guy nicknamed after a snake is taking his mother to court right?

According to AM 570 Los Angeles, a judge has set the date for the trial involving the lawsuit against Los Angles Lakers guard Kobe Bryant by an auction house that bought a bunch of his old memorabilia from his mother Pamela with the intentions of selling it.

When Bryant caught wind of the plan to sell his stuff, he took it to court and a judge blocked the auction from taking place, causing a conflict between him and his parents and now they’re set to battle it out next month in New Jersey.

U.S. District Judge Renee Bumb on Monday set June 17 as a trial date, but also set a court-guided mediation session for Friday in a case that’s the manifestation of an ugly family dispute that all sides seem to want to resolve quickly.

“Maybe I should have had you bring your witnesses today and we would have tried the case,” Bumb said at a hearing. “You’re all so ready to go.”

Apparently, family members have already started taking sides with Bryant’s sister submitting her statement in support of her brother, while his grandmother sides with his parents.

Bryant also wanted the trial to take place in California, after Goldin Auctions, filed the lawsuit in New Jersey where the company is based, but the Judge Bumb refused their request.

Bumb also gave both parties the options of including a jury to the trial, but so far neither side has taken her up on the offer.




4 thoughts on “Trial Date set for Lawsuit Involving Kobe Bryant and his Mother

  • This is sad. Typically, the after the parents die, the kids go to court over the parents sh!t. Now the parents are fighting over the kid’s sh!t from growing up because he didn’t buy them a big enough house. I still say, at least he didn’t go OJ on them.

  • What little respect I have for Kobe is now completely gone! How dare Kobe disrespect the people who gave him life! If your mom wants to live in a bigger house, then you buy her a bigger house! Kobe’s worth over $100 million dollars so he can afford it. This guy treats his wife’s family better than he treats his own. That is a real sell out!

    • His wife won all the stuff in the divorce settlement. Then when you factor in his sister is taking his side, something is seriously up with his parents. Besides how are you going to sell his stuff that he was keeping in the house he bought? This is ridiculous, if you wanted to sell his things you ask, the worst thing that could happen is he says no. What if you had a car of your own at your parents house and why you were away they sold it? You’d lose your fucking mind and you know it. Don’t hold Kobe to a different standard than other people because his problems involve more money. Right is right and wrong is wrong no matter the price tag attached to it. His dad coaches and also made millions playing, why can’t he break bread on a new house?

      • Not why you were away but while. I need an editor.

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