Yankees Mad Mets Charging Their Family Members $250 For Tickets

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Just when you thought the tension between the two rival teams had boiled down to a simmer, things have gotten personal now.

The Yankees have reportedly taken issue with the Mets for the amount charged to player’s relatives for tickets to the Subway series at Citi field.

According to CBS Local NY the Yankees are ‘angered’ because relatives of the Braves were charged just $80 per ticket. Mets price their tickets based on demand, and obviously the demand for when the Yankees are in town is heightened. But when you consider the increase from Braves to Yankees is that of 3 times higher, it’s understandable why there’s some anger.

Also, something to note is game one of the Series only drew 32,911 vs the 45,000 seat capacity, so demand wasn’t near what it used to be.

Hopefully this little spat will lead to more punch in a rivalry which has seemed like anything but of recent years.