Angels Tell fan he Can’t Wear Paper bag Over his Head (Photo)



I don’t know about you but I don’t want to be apart of a society where a fan of a professional sports team that is performing at a shameful level, is prohibited from exercising his right to voice or show his displeasure with said team, especially if he isn’t offending anyone.

After the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim got swept by the lowly Houston Astros over the weekend, a fan showed up to the ballpark on Tuesday when the team faced the Chicago Cubs, with a paper bag over his head that read “$127 million + all I got was this bag. Go Angels?” according to Busted Coverage.

The Angels fan, Henry Bouldin, was then approached by security and told to remove his head gear.

“Security just showed up out of nowhere,” Bouldin said Wednesday. “They said you can’t wear anything over your head.”

Apparently, the Angels have a policy that prohibits fans from wearing anything over their face that will impede them from “making a facial identification if necessary.”

The Angels are still struggling after spending lavishly in the off season, they’re currently sitting third in their division and trailing leaders Texas Rangers by 8.5 games, if that doesn’t improve I expect to see more paper bags.