Bills WR Stevie Johnson Suffered Fractured Vertebra In March


Back in March, Buffalo Bills wide receiver Stevie Johnson was  filming a workout for the teams website, when he fractured the L-5 vertebra in his back.

Johnson told the Buffalo News that he thought it was just a back strain.

“It got to the point where, ‘It’s got to be something more than a strain or something’ because every time I sit down it’s hurting,” Johnson told the newspaper. “Every time I stand up it’s hurting. I lay down, it’s hurting. I went through rehab and it wasn’t helping.

“So I got the MRI, and it was a slight fracture.”

Reports say that the video was filmed so that the Bills could show their fans that Johnson actually does indeed workout, and workout hard during the off-season.

Johnson says he feels better, and doesn’t expect to miss any time.