Brian Cashman on A-Rod Tweeting Rehab Progress: Shut the F*ck Up

Alex Rodriguez


New York Yankees third baseman Alex Rodriguez joined twitter recently (to not much fanfare) and decided to update the twitter world on his progress rehabbing the injury that his kept him out of the lineup all season.

No big deal, right? Well, apparently Yankees GM Brian Cashman didn’t appreciate Rodriguez tweeting his progress. He had this to say when asked about A-Rod to ESPNNewYork.

“You know what, when the Yankees want to announce something, [we will],” Cashman said. “Alex should just shut the f— up. That’s it. I’m going to call Alex now.”

“He has not been cleared by our doctors to play in rehab games yet,” he said. “He’s getting closer. There’s no doubt about it. But we don’t have a date for him to start playing games yet. It could be July 1. It could also be July 5, or maybe June 25.”

It could be just me, but you kind of get the feeling that Rodriguez has worn out his welcome in New York with the constant steroid allegations and steady decline in play.

I will say, I doubt he does much tweeting after this response from the Yankee higher ups.