Chad Johnson Tweets a Goodbye Message Before 30 Day Jail Sentence

Chad Johnson Struggleface

Most things aren’t black and white. Lots of shades of gray, when you think of Chad Johnson a lot of things come to mind. By most accounts he is a nice fun-loving guy. Very generous and unselfish. On the flipside he did headbutt a woman and there are repercussions for those type of actions.

Hard to feel sorry about what happened between him and Evelyn Lozada, because it wasn’t like he didn’t know who he was dealing with when he decided to marry her.

He escaped jail time and all he had to do was finish off the conditions of his probation and he would be free. But, he missed appointments and that is totally on him.

Once again his lawyers were going to get him off with just a slap of the wrist, but he just couldn’t contain his enthusiasm and slapped his lawyer on the butt. Did the judge overreact throwing him in jail, definitely (the video proves it), but once again you have to understand the situation and act accordingly.

We will see you in 30 days Chad.