Danny Green Partied With LeBron, Heat after Game 7 Loss (Photos)


When it comes to dealing with defeat or handling a loss, I say to each his own.  Some people like myself might spend all night after losing game 7 of the NBA Finals crying or in deep thought.

Others like Danny Green need to hear noise after a stinging defeat.  The Big Lead is reporting that after shooting 1-19 in the final two games, Green decided to party away his loss at Club Story on South Beach.

The only problem for Green, is that LeBron James and the Miami Heat were there celebrating their championship.

We all know in this overly sensitive, social media age that we live in, Green is going to catch all kinds of hell for being seen partying  it up with the enemy.

LeBron showed Green some respect and attention this time, so I guess for Green it makes up for the time LeBron played him at his birthday party.