Jets LB Quinton Coples: Rob Gronkowski Is No Problem To Cover


Quinton Coples is making the switch from defensive end to linebacker for the New York Jets, and with the switch is a new bravado we’ve never seen from Coples before.

Coples was asked by the New York Daily News about dealing with tight ends in the division like former teammate Dustin Keller, and most importantly Patriots star Rob Gronkowski.

Coples didn’t shy away from the challenge.

“Dustin Keller? I wouldn’t let him get off the line,” Coples said. “That’s the best way to cover, ain’t it?”

When asked about Gronk, Coples stuck his chest out some more.

“Yeah. Just don’t let him get off the line,” said Coples, before admitting that with Gronk, “I won’t just be one-on-one with him, I’ll have help.”

Coples needs to focus more on the weight room and not being a bust, than Gronkowski, but that’s just my opinion.