Heat Fans Who Left Early Cause Scene Trying to Get Back Into Arena

2013 NBA Finals - Game One

Being in Miami, it is hard to defend the actions of the Miami fan base when they do stupid stuff. Tonight may have absolutely taken the cake.

With the Spurs late run in regulation, Miami Heat fans did what they tend to do and started leaving the arena. Victor Oquendo, reported for WPLG Local 10 in Miami tweets what happens when fans realize the game is going into overtime.


Incredible, they deserved to miss the end of an instant classic and they should be banned from Game 7, Flo Rida’s Manager style.

8 thoughts on “Heat Fans Who Left Early Cause Scene Trying to Get Back Into Arena

  • Three major fouls committed by the Heat not called by the referees in overtime. One of them was committed by Ray Allen. Explain that.

    • ..i bet the ref switched balls to the leather one that goes in EVERY time right before Ray Allen shot it.. #GTFOH #hegotgame #bballgodslovejesus

      • yeah, just like danny green fouling lebron in transition right? or how about that foul where tony parker gets an and 1 where he basically lunges into the defender who is standing still and parker lunges then jumps back to get the call. how convenient that you left out that on that ray allen play you are talking about , that ginobili took like 4 steps.

  • If you think that you hate these douches from Miami, who leave an NBA FINALS GAME early, imagine how much us Miamians hate them.

  • typical of the miami ‘fans’ bunch of cocaine and boob job pretty people who dont know SHIT about basketball and are only there to be seen ‘just gay biebher and flo-lozer and the entire cast of miami house-whores… baby bron bron almost lost he’s gonna lose tomorrow… nuff said

    • The Cyber thugs and viral critics are defiantly in the building. They can’t say anything without making derogatory statements. Miami fans thought it was over, so they did what any other fan would do “they left the building”. If people have a problem with that; there just simple minded. I attend numerous games when I have the time and most people leave early when they believe it is over; that is universally understood in basketball, football, soccer and any other professional game you can name. Miami is the home of cocaine and big boobs, but San Antonio’s “Mexican cartel” is why Miami and half the east coast gets 95% of their drugs. You my good sir are a hypocrite.

      • Yeah, sure, LeBron’s fan base is so much more supportive there in Miami. NBA finals, fer cryin’ out loud. You don’t leave unless it’s a 25 point blow out, and even then you’re a jerk.

  • Its game 6 of the NBA Finals with a minute left and the Heat are down by like, what was it, 4 or 5 points, and these douches decide to leave the arena!!! I shouldn’t be surprised because I live in Miami and I first hand know how bad Miami fans are. Not just for the Heat but for every sports team. They never believe in their team and they always “give up” towards the end. I am a Marlins fan and even though they are the worst team in the MLB I still cheer them on because thats what a real fan does, they stick with their team till the end. I’m still trying to process how you could leave an NBA Finals game early just because they’re down by 5 points.

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