Pilar Sanders Former PR Details Lies Pilar Told About Deion Sanders


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If you’ve been following the Deion and Pilar Sanders divorce saga, then it should come as no surprise the truth remains a mystery. Since Deion and Pilar Sanders decided to part ways, both parties have constantly made headlines and not for the reasons they’d wished for.

Kali Bowyer Talks Pilar Sanders and Nikke Sanni

In an effort to shame the other publicly, the former couple has forfeited playing nice and decided to take it back to the street, using any form of ammunition to defeat their enemy. While preparing to go to war with the one person they once loved, they’ve armed themselves with an army. In Pilar’s case she was able to gain assistance from her friend Nikke Sanni as well as her publicist Kali Bowyer.

Nikke spoke with BSO last week and decided it was time to put an end to the lies and share her truth. At one point Nikke was perceived to be a witness whom overheard Deion scheming to conceal money from his wife Pilar with the assistance of mega pastor T.D Jakes and gospel singer Fred Hammond. Although she swore by her story initially, upon speaking with BSO it was revealed the entire story was a lie and was coerced by Kali Bowyer in an attempt to keep the media talking about Pilar Sanders.

Since I would like to think of myself as a fair and righteous person, Kali Bowyer was also presented with the same outlet to share her side of the story along with her truth during a recent interview.

1. How did you become acquainted with Nikke and Pilar?

 I met Pilar years ago while assisting in casting a few TV shows, that had opportunities for her. As for Nikke, she was introduced to me via Pilar and her associates/friends while representing Pilar as her publicist.

2. I recently did an interview with Nikke Sanni and your name happen to surface multiple times. Nikke believes you are working overtime to spread lies about her. Was there any truth to what Nikke said pertaining to you making up an elaborated story coursing her to go to CherryOnTop in order to get the media to talk about Pilar?

No, absolutely not.

Nikke in my opinion (now), I full hearty believe that she collaborated with Pilar prior in her “alleged claim” to this conversation that she claimed to overhear between Hammond, Sanders and the Bishop Jakes, this was also something that she [Nikke] told Pilar’s lawyer as well and prior to me ever speaking to her. In addition, Pilar’s lawyer backed up Nikke’s claim when the two of them did an exclusive interview with the NY Post. Nikke has failed to inform you that she did a total of three on the record, audio recorded interviews, not one but three; *1. CBS/RumorFix, *2. Cherry On Top and *3. NY Post. Again, I stress the fact that only one of those interviews was by herself, the other two she was accompanied by Pilar’s lawyer as well as paralegal for the other.

I had absolutely no problems what so ever getting her media coverage, Nikke is trying to back pedal at this point. I spoke with Deion directly, and he informed me that Nikke had just contact his lawyer in hopes of jumping ship and attempting to get some help, Nikke supposedly said that she was facing a criminal charge, and could not afford any more trouble. They told her to kick rocks.

Pilar knows the book is coming, and it scares the sh*t out of her. So back to picking up with her old pal Nikke, to attempt to discredit someone else.

3. You have now resigned from working as Pilar’s publicist. Why exactly?

I brought Pilar close to 80k in deals; she passed everyone up and/or flaked. She stood up Dr. Phil twice, never took one call on the Dial A Star, would not due BET, because she said it was ‘too black of a station’, she never followed through on anything that would generate an income for herself. Sure took every dime she could from everyone. But would promise to take you on a trip to Dubai? From August-until the day I quit it was done without compensation.

4. Since coming forward with your side of the story, has Pilar contacted you in hopes of stopping your communication with Deion? Has Nikke contacted you?

No, she has not, however today she began tweeting me from one of her fake twitter accounts that she uses to have conversations with and about herself. Quiet funny if you think about it. I think Pilar needs to check into perhaps some kind of program maybe a rehab of sorts. She needs some help, and that’s okay, I get is a lot for someone to endure outside the public eye.

Nikke has tweeted, texted and called once. I do not answer her calls or reply to her texts. Have I told her to f**k off in various ways on twitter when she has nothing better to do than sit and tweet, yes then I let her have it.

5. Do you regret working with Pilar and getting involved with Nikke?       

I do not ever regret anything in my life, I believe that everything has something to take from, and learn. That is what makes us the people we are today; our experiences good and the bad. Nikke is just a few clowns short of a circus.

6.       What is your relationship with Deion? And has he or anyone promised or offered you anything in return of assisting them?

Deion and I have no relationship. To be honest, I did not know the magnitude of who he really was in the beginning of all this. I will say this much, for someone to speak in a manner such as his, and be as pleasant as he has been, after all that has gone on over the past ten months, shows his true character. The conversations that I have or choose to engaged in, are just that mine. I believe I am doing the right thing, we helped him get his dog back, and exchanged information, that I wish I had from day one.

Pilar had even go to such lengths as call me and tell me he was coming across the parking lot of the school at her one day, he wasn’t even in the state that day I came to find out. Pilar enjoys the drama; she feels some type of celebrity statutes when she sees her name everywhere. She wanted more and more and more, nothing was ever good enough for her. I am trying to stop the drama, and help her during a time when most mothers would be having a nervous breakdown, and she is off flying to LA to hook-up with rappers. 

Nevertheless, she went too far, she did not have to lie to us we were her team her friends, and would have stood by her as such.  But it was just one thing after another, the money she borrowed that was to fix a friends roof, because Pilar led all of us to believe she never got a dime from Deion. None of us knew she lied about those payments until the cancelled checks hit the web.  When someone tells you, they cannot feed their children because they have not a red cent to their name, you pitch in and help, it is about the children at that point.

It is truly sad when one lies and misuses the ones who helping and going to bat for you. There are a few of us, who have just walked away, borrowing money telling people you cannot feed your children, or your tires are bald, etc yet she was chasing thousands of dollars, that is not broke. No one can figure out where all the money went or the extra 50k?

7.What do you want people to know about Kali Bowyer?

Not anything, anyone who knows me will tell you, I do not care what others think they know. Most have me all wrong, it is funny actually. I have thick skin, so nothing ‘offends’, If you’re asking me if I’d like to clear some air or enlighten some on what the real story is, sure I’ll bite for a minute.

At NO point was Chris ever falsely accused of squat. In the early 90’s Chris Rock and I had a sexual relationship, something that was admitted on the record in court. With that being said if you have sex with another human being and become pregnant during that time, than you are in fact NOT accusing someone falsely.

I should not be judge by you or anyone else for something that transpired nearly 20 years ago. Whatever I personally endured in my college years does not define the woman I am today.

I have made many enemies in this business as well as dear friends, when you are in a public arena of sorts; you are walking a different path then your neighbor. I choose this as a career and have blessed to work with some wonderful clients, building them and branding them is a blast. The saddest experience was burying my client and dear friend Rodney, he is greatly missed within my heart, we talked often about the lies and misconceptions that are put out there, and found strength. 

But by no means will I take their crap. People do not like the way things work out sometimes so they feel they can just attempt to turn the tables. In those cases, my filing system works. I record every work call, save every email, text, tweet, etc. You have to protect yourself in this industry, and I will not allow anyone to make me his or her scapegoat. 

There you have it, Kali Bowyer’s truth and her version of events. Although we don’t have all the pieces of the puzzle we have just enough to envision the complete picture.

My previous opinion hasn’t altered much from before. I still don’t understand how does lying about money help you regain custody of your child? It clearly doesn’t, and when things don’t make sense the chances of it being the truth are slim to none existing.

There is clearly bad blood between Nikke Sanni and Kali Bowyer. To say they don’t like each would be an understatement at this point. Bowyer was acquired by Pilar to act as her publicist. A publicist job is to generate and manage publicity for a public figure. Therefore, if by chances Bowyer made up this false tale in order to keep her client in the spotlight, wouldn’t she be within her right since part of her job is to keep Pilar’s name in the media?

For the sake of argument let’s agree Bowyer started the lie. Sanni isn’t without fault. She knew she never overheard Deion scheming to hide money, yet she was present at every interview recanting the lies she said was forced fed to her. Secondly out of all of Pilar’s friend why would Bowyer pick Nikke? Not to mention Pilar hasn’t had too much to say about the incident publicly, nor did she fire her publicist upon finding out about the alleged lie.

My theory is one of two. Either the scheme was constructed by Pilar’s assistance Bowyer with the approval of Pilar. Since Nikke already had entertainment dreams and was once in a relationship with a well-known gospel singer she was an easy pick and was delighted to go through with the tale until the backlash became overwhelming. My second theory is actually in line with what Bowyer insisted happened. Pilar and her friend decided to come up with an ill-advised plan to make Deion look bad, while drawing negative assumptions to his charter. In the mist her publicist found out and agreed to go through with it since you can’t recant in now, but the lies started catching up with them and Bowyer decided to depart before the entire ship blew up.

Could I be wrong in my theories? Well of course I am simply combing the information given to me and trying to decipher a realistic tale of events. I doubt the truth will ever come out. As for Sanni when your friend is in trouble sometimes just being the shoulder they can cry on is enough. Bowyer may not have the best reputation, and although I would be skeptical upon doing work with her, I can say people still choose to work with her regardless of what people say about her. That speaks volumes to me. That doesn’t mean I think she is innocent, but it does mean I think she does her job to many peoples liking. The fact that Pilar never fired her is telling. If my best friend informed me she was forced into publicly lying for me by my publicist I would have a new publicist, unless I was in on the lie or I orchestrated it myself.