Ray Allen Game Tying 3: “Get Those Motherf*ckin Ropes Out of Here”


Ray Allen hit the biggest shot in Miami Heat history last night. You can debate where the game ranks all time, but there is no debating that “Jesus Prayer” is the most important shot in the history of the franchise. The game tying shot capped off an unlikely comeback, so unlikely that Heat arena staff had already cordoned off the sidelines and the Larry O’Brien trophy was already in the tunnel, ready for the presentation.

This apparently was not lost on Jesus Shuttlesworth, who had some words for the crew. In this brief clip you can see Allen tell them to “Get those motherfuckin ropes out of here.”

In their press conferences today, both Chris Bosh and LeBron James mentioned that it pissed them off when they saw the yellow tape. Honestly I don’t think it was a motivating factor that led them to victory, but it sure makes for a nice story.

Of course, hundreds of fans didn’t see Allen’s shot, because they decided to head out a little early only to not be let back in.

[h/t Basketfootball.com]

One thought on “Ray Allen Game Tying 3: “Get Those Motherf*ckin Ropes Out of Here”

  • I think they saw the ropes and literally felt the noose around their necks. I know that feeling so so well.

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