Original Biogenesis Whistle Blower Calls People Running MLB ‘The Biggest Scumbags On Earth’ – BlackSportsOnline
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Original Biogenesis Whistle Blower Calls People Running MLB ‘The Biggest Scumbags On Earth’

black sports online biogenesis snitch calls mlb scumbags


The man responsible for blowing the lid off the entire biogenesis crackdown, Porter Fischer, has come out and is telling his side of the story.

Fischer, who was a former employee of the infamous clinic, turned over Bosch’s records and notes to the Miami New Times and it then led into baseball’s investigation over those tied there.

Fischer did what he did not because he cares about restoring morality to baseball, he did what he did to get back at Tony Bosch for a $4,000 debt owed to him. Yes.

Fischer describes his encounter with MLB investigators and it’s something straight out of a Hollywood script:

On February 25, Fischer finally decided to meet with two MLB investigators, both ex-NYPD cops. They started with the carrots: They’d pay Fischer just to talk. If things worked out, maybe they could even move him to a gated community. And there would be justice for the cheaters.

Fischer replied, “I don’t give a shit about you or your ballplayers. This is about self-preservation to me.”

So the ex-cops switched tactics: If someone were to sue you, they warned, it could be expensive. MLB could indemnify him from damages. “I’m not worried about court,” Fischer countered. “I’m worried about a bullet in my head.”

After the story broke Fischer claimed that the documents had been stolen from his car, and then out of nowhere Bosch is working side by side with MLB–which would lead one to assume Bosch was the one who then stole ‘back’ the documents.

Fischer believes he was followed from Miami to Ocala then to Boca Raton and while getting a spray tan the documents were seized…seriously.

Fischer stated the following:

“the people running Major League Baseball are the biggest scumbags on Earth as far as I’m concerned.”

Fischer’s story is fishy at best, and he’s clearly trying to get some money. Seems like he’s more so holding sour grapes for not being able to get revenge against Bosch and is trying to to steal the ‘limelight’.

A bizarre story just getting even weirder….

H/T: The Victory Formation