Seahawks’ Golden Tate Wants To Lay Jim Harbaugh Out Like He Did Sean Lee


Seattle Seahawks players are not really feeling 49ers head coach Jim Harbaugh right now.  A week after cornerback Brandon Browner talked about putting his hands around Harbaugh’s neck, another player wants to do harm to Harbaugh.

Golden Tate was on 710 ESPN in Seattle, when according to the San Francisco ChronicleTate talked about giving Harbaugh “the Sean Lee treatment.”

“Well, I’d be on offense trying to score a touchdown on him. Defensively, that’s a little different because they tackle and they can really be aggressive,” Tate said on 710 ESPN Seattle radio Friday.

“But I would try and give him the Sean Lee treatment. I would do that.”

For those who may not remember, Take incurred a $21,000 fine for knocking Lee out with a blindsided block Lee didn’t see last September.

Here’s a video of that hit.