Aaron Hernandez Asked Prison Officials For More Protein in His Diet

Aaron Hernandez Window

The Sports Grid does a nice job breaking down how Aaron Hernandez life in prison is going. Prison isn’t a pleasant place, so as you can imagine he is confined to small cell and doesn’t have a lot of privileges.

I have told the story  before about how I had a bunch of unpaid traffic tickets many years ago. I didn’t think they would actually arrest anyone for traffic tickets, but I was wrong.

I was in the county lockup for one day. It wasn’t even the real jail, just where they hold you until you post bond or they let you go after they give you new court date. If you can’t post bond they would send you to the real jail. I was only there for maybe 10 hours, but it was the most miserable 10 hours of my life. Not a pleasant experience, not trying to preach to you or sound like a Friday after school special on you, but don’t commit crimes.

Here are the two things that I found interesting about Hernandez’s stay.

Hernandez has never complained about his treatment and has eaten all his meals. He has made only one special request, asking for more protein in his diet. That request was denied, according to Bernie Sullivan, a Bristol County spokesman.

According to the no-nonsense sheriff, Hernandez has been a model prisoner. “He’s been nothing but perfect,” said Hodgson. “I met with him when he first came in to lay the rules out. I said, ‘Here’s the deal. You won’t be treated any better or worse or get any special privileges here. If you have any issues or problems, tell command.’ He was very polite and very respectful. He didn’t seem nervous, he seemed very comfortable.”

The fact that Hernandez feels comfortable and is looking for a better diet, leads me to believe he thinks he is going to be able to beat the charges.  Not sure why he believes that, but his demeanor is full of confidence.

The Sheriff seems to like to talk to the media a lot, he is enjoying his 15 minutes of fame.  If Aaron Hernandez is guilty, then he deserves to be locked up, but we have to remember he has the presumption of innocence, no matter how bleak it is looking for him.