Adrien Broner Takes Poop & Flushes $100’s Down Toilet (Video)


Adrien Broner is a different kind of cat, but as long he continues to win fights impressively, all we’ll know him as is simply champ.

In the video courtesy of The Big Lead, Broner took to YouTube, to download a video that allegedly is being filmed in a Popeye’s bathroom.

Broner is visibly sitting on the toilet, talking his usual round of trash mixed in with Bravado.  In the end, as only Adrien Broner can do, you see a toilet bowl full of $20’s, that Broner calmly flushes, before finishing with the statement, “I’m even sh*tting out Money.”

Adrien will at some point become his own worst enemy, but like said earlier, as long as he keeps winning, no qualms from me.


2 thoughts on “Adrien Broner Takes Poop & Flushes $100’s Down Toilet (Video)

  • Maybe it was play money. Does anyone remember that? the weird irony was that we had to pay for the fake dollars with real ones. What kind of scam was that?

  • dis nigga…smh

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