Anderson Silva Cries On Brazil TV When Asked About Loss (Video)


Anderson Silva may not have given the best performance of his career in his loss to Chris Weidman but Silva is still one of the most passionate MMA fighters ever. That passion was on full display during a weekend interview with a Brazil TV program.

It was a fairly normal interview until the host asked Silva whether the allegations of him throwing the fight bothered him. At that point Silva became overcome with emotion and even shed a few tears during his response.

The video is in Portuguese, which makes it hard to follow, but Silva explains how those allegations brings shame to his country and home town.

If anyone has ever heard Silva speak they know that his pride for Brazil is his driving force. He fights to uplift his family, friends, and his country.

Silva will have an opportunity to restore that pride when he takes on undefeated Champion Chris Weidman in December at UFC 168.

Check out the video of Silva’s emotional interview below: