Bob Klapisch Calls Matt Harvey ‘Vain’ For Posing Naked In ESPN Body Issue

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Someone’s jealous…

For some very peculiar reason Bob Klapisch decided to devote an entire article on to Matt Harvey posing nude for ESPN the magazine’s Body  issue.

In the article Klapisch waxes semi-poetically about Harvey’s (very appealing) body and why he shouldn’t show it to the world:

We’re beginning to learn there’s more to Harvey’s success than a blistering 98-mph fastball. He’s also been blessed with a keen self-awareness, which means he knew exactly what he was getting into with ESPN, not to mention a follow-up photo fashion shoot with the New York Post. Turns out Harvey’s talent and brains are matched by his ego and vanity … Harvey has nothing to be ashamed of. He’s baseball’s most dynamic young arm and, as the magazine proves, in great shape. But why would Harvey brand himself as the naked pitcher? What’s the upside to such a reputation? If Harvey wants to prove he’s enlightened and open-minded, there are a million other ways to express that without putting a bull’s-eye on his back.

I’m trying to put 2 and 2 together, exactly what does ego have to do with an athlete posing for ESPN for an issue aptly named ‘Body’? Much ado about nothing, Harvey has had a spectacular coming out season so folks should get used to him gracing the pages of magazines…clothes or no clothes.