Chris Palmer Doesn’t Seem to Be Employed Anymore by ESPN

Chris Palmer

I hate to see anyone lose their job, even though I am not exactly sure what Chris Palmer did for ESPN.

I just knew him from Twitter, you never saw him on TV,  any articles on or anything. But, he hasn’t Tweeted since July 24th and his changed his bio and Twitter handle to remove any trace of ESPN.

Chris Palmer NBA

Palmer who said he was “hearing strongly” that Dwight Howard was returning to Lakers was trolled a little bit by @Lakerholicz for his “sources”.

Palmer was known for stirring the pot and recently got into it a little bit with Kevin Durant when he said there were 15 smarter players in the league than him and telling people Derrick Rose would play in the Drew League (it didn’t happen). Hopefully, he will return to Twitter with an exploitation about what happened and what his future plans are.