Cowboys Named Most Valuable NFL franchise By Forbes, Again


The Forbes annual list of the top 50 most valuable franchises in sports was released, and the NFL represented nicely, garnering 30 of the top 50 spots.

The NFL’s most valued franchise is, the Dallas Cowboys, who top the list for the sixth straight year.  The rest of the top five most valuable NFL teams read off like this.

The Dallas Cowboys are No. 5 at $2.1 billion, leading a group of 30 American football teams on our list (the NFL’s two teams that missed the top 50, the St. Louis Rams and Jacksonville Jaguars, rank 51st and 52nd). The Cowboys have been the NFL’s most valuable team since 2007 thanks to the league’s highest sponsorship and premium seating revenues—a combined $200 million.

2. New England Patriots: $1.635 billion
3. Washington Redskins: $1.6 billion
4. New York Giants: $1.468 billion
5. Houston Texans: $1.305 billion

The NFL definitely reigns supreme.