Drew Brees Responds To Leaving $3 Tip On $74 Bill


Drew Brees is fighting back, and disputing the claim that he’s an awful tipper.

Brees, who is one the richest athletes in professional sports, caught some flak on Tuesday after reportedly leaving a $3 tip on a $74 bill. 

Drew Brees Tip


Brees was having none of that, and took to Twitter to defend himself.  Brees made it known that his order was take-out, and had he dined in, the tip would have been 20%.

If this true, can we assume that someone made a huge mistake leaking this receipt, or was Brees because of his stature, supposed to leave a tip regardless?

The owner of Del Mar Rendezvous issued a written statement apologizing for allowing a customer’s receipt to be shown to the world.

the owner also Reportedly made a large donation to the quarterback’s “Brees Dream Foundation.”