Drunk Kenneth Fareid to TMZ: “My D*ck is Big” (Video)


A TMZ paparazzo caught up with Denver Nuggets and ESPN The Body Issue Cover Boy Kenneth Faried as he was leaving a party and what occurred is probably the most entertaining 2 minutes you will see this morning. The interview is great on so many levels, for one, Fareid tells some guy he is drunk (and its pretty obvious) and the fact that the paparazzo has no idea who he is talking to.

My favorite part is Faried’s friend doing the running commentary “Do you just walk up to black guys on the street?” and the fact that he has a copy of the Body Issue handy. They also flipped the camera on the guy and had Faried interview him. As it turns out, the guy looks pretty much like you would expect a guy who walks up to random black guys who look like athletes outside a club to look like. No wonder these guys get punched in the face, they even LOOK annoying.

When the photog realized Faried was on the cover of the magazine, he asked him about being uncomfortable being naked for the shoot.

Farieds response? “My Dick is Huge”