Eagles WR Riley Cooper: “I’ll Fight Every N*gger in Here” (Video)


Riley Cooper

Here is what we know. Riley Cooper and some Eagles teammates went to a Kenny Chesney concert. Something agitated Cooper and he proceeded to say this via Crossing Broad.

Just from personal experience I can tell by the causal way Cooper says “Nigger”  this isn’t the first time he has uttered the word and he has probably used it a lot throughout his life.

Doesn’t it make him a racist? Only he knows that, but I know if I was in the locker room with him today, I would be looking at him a little differently.  I don’t know what set Cooper off, but it shouldn’t matter, because if you are going to fight, that is fine, but you don’t need to use racial slurs to ID your targets.

Crossing Broad reports that Cooper said he almost cried when he heard that his “friend” Jeremy Maclin tore his ACL.  Curious how many actual black people are at a Kenny Chesney’s concert?

Riley was spotted getting into with two white guys (see how I didn’t use a racial slur?) outside of the concert as well.

I honestly don’t know if this is something the Eagles should address or just let the locker room take care of it, we will see how it plays out.

Here is Riley’s fake apology.


Riley Cooper has been fined and hasn’t spoken to teammates.


  1. How is that African American players can refrain from calling their white teammates such names as hokey, cracka, or trailer trash in the heat of the moment? However “so-called” nice guy white players can’t. Is it because these players deep inside feel superior to their African American teammate. This “person” (I use the word loosely) showed the level of respect that he has for his fellow teammates by his choice of words. If a player doesn’t have respect for his teammates than he shouldn’t be on the team. End of discussion.

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