Jose Valverde Forced To Wear ‘Hot Dog’ Jersey While Pitching In The Minors (Photo)

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It seems like it wasn’t too long ago that many were discussing Valverde as being the best closer in baseball–most likely those who falsely assumed Mariano Rivera retired. But lash forward to today and Valverde’s working on his craft down in the minors.

The 11-year baseball vet has had a rough chapter in his career, which started last season and continued this year. Valverde has been pitching for the Toledo Mud Hens, who often host theme nights as way of attracting fans to the games.

Sadly for Valverde, Saturday was ‘hot dog’ night and all the players wore jerseys with giant hot dogs on them…simply humiliating.

Nothing will quite humble a pitcher and/or make him throw better than being reduced to wearing cheap corporate sponsorship like a walking Oscar Meyers billboard.  Let’s hope Valverde works through his problems and gets back to the majors ASAP…I simply can’t bear to see a grown man put through such torture.

H/T: Yahoo Sports