Man Shoots His Brother a HS BBall Star in The Head While Playing With Gun


Michael Whitney

If you must have guns in your household please put them in places that your kids can’t get to. Far too many incidents like this happen simply because people aren’t being responsible with their guns.

A teenager shot his high school basketball star brother in the head while playing with his father’s gun, a court has heard.

Michael Whitney then attempted to cover his tracks by shooting out a window and moving his brother’s body to another room on Friday, prosecutors have said.

The 19-year-old had taken the semi-automatic handgun which belonged to his security guard father from a drawer before teasing his 16-year-old brother Malcolm.

Malcolm was a standout basketball player at Hyde Park Academy.

Why was the gun loaded? Why was the gun just sitting in a drawer? Whitney had four prior felony burglary convictions, so his father had to know that leaving a loaded weapon around wasn’t a good idea. Just another senseless death that could have been avoided.


  1. Now you sound PROFOUNDLY STOOPID… This NUMB-NUT had no business going through HIS FATHER’S BELONGINGS IN HIS FATHER’S ROOM Though!!!!! #SMDH

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