Mayweather vs Canelo PPV Price Set at $75

Mayweather v Canelo PPV Price

Mayweather vs Canelo is easily the most anticipated fight of the year and the Pay-Per-View price tag reflects the hype.

The September fight is set to be sold at $65 for non-HD purchases and $75 for HD buys. This would eclipse the previous record of $70, which was set by Mayweather vs Guerrero earlier this year.

CEO of Golden Boy Promotions Richard Schaefer had this to say about the  record setting cost:

“You see a lot of people said it’s such a big fight it’s going to be a $80 or $90 pay per view. $100 I even heard but we don’t want to do that. We priced the tickets the same way we priced the De La Hoya-Mayweather tickets and for the Pay Per View we are going to go with $64.95”

Schaefer was obviously only referring to the non-HD price in that statement, which would be great if this was 1999. The fact that almost everyone has HD formatted televisions in 2013 makes the $75 charge the norm though.

At this point though Floyd fights are like Jordan sneakers. They could set the price at whatever they’d like and us as the consumer would buy it. I wouldn’t be surprised to see Floyd’s final fight crack the $100 mark.

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  • I want to know where can i buy the canelo vs mayweather fight, to watched on a computer.

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