Mike Vick’s Alleged Mistress Says He Killed a Bird & Releases Love Letters


Mike Vick Bird

We broke the story on how a woman named Bella Escritor was trying to get you to pay for her tell-all about Michael Vick. She wasn’t raising a lot of money for the book, so she has started to leak excerpts. One of the stories she tells is about Vick allegedly mistreating an exotic Cockatoo.

She says he forgot to transport the bird when he was moving from one house to another and the bird died in its cage.

Yes, she considers this exposing Michael Vick. She also released some alleged letters Vick wrote to her, but curiously he didn’t sign.

Michael Vick Letters

Michael Vick Letters 2

Not sure if Bella is working for the CIA  and that is why certain parts of the letters were blacked out, maybe Vick knows who killed John Kennedy.

Good luck with the book Bella.


  1. Vick writes a letter that he didn’t sign and the paper has her monogram on it…yeah ok……whatever

  2. Those are watermarks in the background LB. And certain sentences from the letter were blocked out because they contain explicit comments (just imagine what a horny dude in prison would say to an ex girlfriend). Buy the book for the unedited version.

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