Paul George Says It Would Be Tough To Say No To Kobe In 2014

Paul George, Kobe Bryant

I know what you’re thinking, Paul George won’t be a free agent next summer.   That’s correct, but he will be a restricted free agent, free to take an extension from the Pacers, or try to find love elsewhere.

George is a L.A. native, and even though he constantly professes his love for Indiana, George told Colin Cowherd of ESPN Radio, that it would be tough to say no to Kobe and the Lakers if they did come calling next summer.

“My heart is still in Indiana,” the 23-year-old said [in an interview with Colin Cowherd on ESPN Radio on Tuesday.] “… I’m still a Pacer, and hopefully I remain a Pacer. I’m happy where I’m at.”

George said that him hypothetically joining the Lakers would certainly be a “family-favorite team.”

“Of course it would be tough (to say no to Kobe). You’re talking about playing [at] home.”

Again George will only be a restricted free agent, who will probably be a two-time all-star, and bona-fide NBA star this time next summer.

I would assume any offer George gets, the Pacers will match within minutes.  They could also lock him to an extension before things even reach that point.

Regardless any conversation pertaining to George and Kobe as teammates is lovely this time of year.