Boston City Council President: ‘UFC Teaches Kids How to Rape’



The UFC’s latest event, UFC Fight Night 26, will be held Saturday night in Boston, but the city council president, Stephen J. Murphy, doesn’t want the UFC anywhere near his city, according to MMA Mania.

“They are all over YouTube and the internet which is a great source of information for kids. They are promoting violence against women, teaching kids how to rape and stuff that is way over the top, the behavior. There has been no official sanction from UFC, the governing body that employs all these guys.”

Boston has been giving the UFC plenty of troubles the past couple weeks, so it wouldn’t be shocking if Dana White keeps the UFC away from Boston in the near future

One thought on “Boston City Council President: ‘UFC Teaches Kids How to Rape’

  • Reason No. 3942524 why the Left and unions have ZERO credibility. And don’t give me that whole “there is hypocrisy and douchebagness on BOTH sides” crap. Of COURSE. Proportion matters people. Proportion matters. Obviously that is nowhere near the asininity of the “there is extremism and violence from ALL religions” argument, but it does come from the Left 99 percent of the time (which should say a LOT about intellectual honesty).

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