Dez Bryant Says It’s Redskins Dezmon Briscoe Who Likes To Get Peed On

Dezmon Briscoe

I find this all a bit humorous.

Just to review a groupie went on Twitter and said Dez Bryant likes straps on and to be peed on. Dez responded by saying that he was going to sue the groupie for her false claims.

The groupie deleted her Twitter account and now Dez has added a twist to the story.  He has released these text messages via his twitter account (he has since deleted the Tweets) that he received from the groupie who tried to expose him.

@DezBryant: Doesn’t make sense for somebody to try to ruin you

Dez Bryant Desmond Briscoe 2 Dez Bryant Desmond Briscoe

You won’t remember Dezmon Briscoe for anything he has done on the field, but for him dating Basketball Wives and Dwight Howard’s baby mama Royce Reed.

Briscoe has had a history of being exposed by Twodels, but the ironic thing about it that Dez Bryant is exposing Briscoe the same way the Twodel was trying to expose Bryant.  So, in an odd twist he has ruined Briscoe’s reputation (was much to Briscoe’s rep, but still).

The NFC East is a wild division for more than just what happens on the field.

One thought on “Dez Bryant Says It’s Redskins Dezmon Briscoe Who Likes To Get Peed On

  • First off, dezmon briscoe is a human and for yall to say thats all everyone knows him by is basketball wives show is pitiful, thats what you all choose to know him as. Dez Bryant you have mad it no better by trying to push this all on dez briscoe. If the story wasnt true about you thats were yiu should of left it. Also whom ever this blogger is your an asshole for your side remarks(slug intended) dezmon briscoe is indeed a great football player whom is still very young and just like you and I make mistakes but I can insure you this bs is not one. That groupie as u can see spoke on dez bryant and decided to Slaughter dez briscoe because her ratchet ass was facing an lawsuit. Now yall are just digging for a story. GOD BLESS yall, slaughtering someone elses name will not get you far.

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