Jadeveon Clowney: “I was out of shape last year”


So I guess Jadeveon Clowney has a different definition of what’s in shape and what’s not than most of us. Clowney basically admits that he has been getting by on his freakish athletic ability:

“I used to get tired last year during games a lot,” Clowney said. “Now I just got myself really in shape. That’s all it was. I am not worried about my game, because my game was all right last year. I was just out of shape last year, but I am in shape (now).”

Even South Carolina’s defensive coordinator Lorenzo Ward joined in:

“JD doesn’t play hard all the time, and he knows that. I tell him all the time,” Ward said. “He plays hard when he needs to. The great thing about him is when he has to make a play, he will make it. But I want him to make those plays all the time. When you are in great shape, you will do that.”

I know the Legend of Clowney is growing by the day but imagine if he could still actually get better? It’s good that he is addressing his “motor issue” now though before the pro scouts can nitpick everything but I wonder what Mark Richt and the rest of the SEC thinks now