Joe Dumars Hopes Pistons New Front Court Resembles Grizzlies


Joe Dumars has been catching some flak for signing Josh Smith to such a huge big money deal.

The Pistons with Josh Smith, Greg Monroe and Andre Drummond in the front court aren’t necessarily a good fit, but Dumars stressed that he wanted talent on the team first.

Dumars thinks that his front line is intelligent enough to play together.

Dumars addressed his front court during an interview with GRANTLAND, and said he hopes Detroit’s front line can play like and resemble the rugged Memphis Grizzlies.

Did you look to Memphis as something of an inspiration — another team that struggles for spacing, but that managed to squeeze out enough points after the Rudy Gay trade by just moving the ball and using a great passing big in Marc Gasol to run a lot of the offense?

We looked at that. We actually talked about them a lot. There are definitely similarities. We watched a lot of film of them, and what they were doing after Tayshaun [Prince] got there, and how it worked. And it clearly worked.

Dumars emphasized that Drummond, Smith, and Monroe wouldn’t always be on the court together, and as long as players are unselfish, everything should work fine.