Michael Vick: ‘I Fell In Love With The Game Again’


Michael Vick is loving life as a quarterback again, and he owes it all to Chip Kelly.

Vick told NFL.com’s Aditi Kinkhabwala that he owes “Chip Kelly for making the game fun again,” and that “he fell in love with the game again.”

“I’m having fun playing football,” Vick told NFL.com’s Aditi Kinkhabwala after the win. “I fell in love with the game again. I thank coach Kelly for getting me back to that point.”

After struggling miserably under Andy Reid and a terrible offensive line, Vick feels rejuvenated.

“Like I said, the last two years were tough. And you try to find yourself in the game of football. It’s a tough game, it’s gritty,” Vick said. “It can be great and glorified when everything is going well, but when it’s not you’ve still got to live in it and deal with it.

“And I think this year, within this offense, taught me how to prepare myself again and how to gain that confidence. How to approach the game because it all starts with your belief and your faith. I know I can get it done, I know I’m one of the best in this league.”

It looks to be Vick’s show in Philly, and I feel like Kelly’s system won’t do anything but allow Vick to flourish tremendously.