Orlando Scandrick Hides His GF Draya in Nosebleeds Seats at Cowboys Game (Photos)


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A former professional athlete once broke down how tickets are allotted to groupies, family members, mistresses and wives. There is a pecking order, the higher up you are the less the player thinks of you.

In the preseason, if a player wants his lady close to the field it is no problem at all, they can ever put them in a private suite if they like.

Orlando Scandrick Draya

There is no reason Orlando Scandrick should have his girlfriend kissing Jesus this high up the stands.

Draya Cowboys Seats

Draya knows that too, that is why she deleted the photo immediately after she posted it. Scandrick can’t have it both ways, if you are going to boo up with a reality show Twodel, just own it.

If she is just a plaything, tell her the truth so when she is sitting in Row Heaven, she doesn’t look silly and an embarrassment to you.

Draya Ticket

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  • In my opinion I think Orlando is more concerned about being played as to why he is probably establishing some ground rules here. You go boy!

  • This is stupid. Anyone that has actually been to a cowboy game knows that these are club level seats. Actually are the nicest seats in the place. Section C300

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