Warriors’ David Lee, Kent Bazemore Hoop At Rucker Park (Video)


The legendary Rucker Park got two visitors to its hollowed courts recently, and they were names you normally wouldn’t hear called there.

Golden State Warriors big man David Lee and wing man Kent Bazemore made their way to Harlem to take part in a game at The Rucker, and they didn’t disappoint anyone.

Lee who spent the early part of the evening getting heckled by fans, went on to put on a show of dunk, after dunk, after dunk.

Video courtesy of JR SportsBrief

One thought on “Warriors’ David Lee, Kent Bazemore Hoop At Rucker Park (Video)

  • It is still played at 155th, but this is not Rucker.
    This is the Entertainers, back in the day, this garbage was played elsewhere in Harlem.

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