Bryce Harper Says ‘Screw What People Think’

Washington Nationals v Boston Red Sox


Bryce Harper is just 20-years-old and he’s showing his emotions on his sleeve…a lot.

Harper has had a roller coaster type of season, starting off strong  then being hit by injuries, playing through only to be sidelined and up and down since then.

All this of course also coincides with the fact the Nationals are arguably the biggest disappointment of the season. Harper is now finding out what it feels like to have everything not go your way, per CSN Washington:

“I could care less what people think. Screw what people think. Everybody talks about us all year long saying we’re not going to make this or do that. I could care less what they think. It’s all what we think. I could really care less what the media thinks or anybody else. It’s nice to get that W tonight and like I said, I could care less what people think.”

Harper is going to have to learn to take the good with the bad if he wants to enjoy his career long term. Sometimes seasons get away from you, despite your best intentions. Getting defensive and angry only shows his lack of maturity.