Cable Guy Says Ndamukong Suh Threatened Him With a Gun

Ndamukong Suh

This sounds about right……

According to a case report, Comcast employee Spencer Ferrell, 22, called Birmingham police shortly after 9 p.m. Aug. 16, the day after the Lions’ exhibition loss to the Cleveland Browns, to report that Suh threatened him with a gun while he was working on a utility pole in Suh’s backyard.

In a written statement provided to police, Ferrell said Suh cursed at him while pointing a gun upward and asked him to leave his property.

Ferrell told police that Suh never pointed the gun directly at him. Police wrote in their report that he initially thought the gun “looked like an AK-47.”

Clemence said Suh was cooperative when questioned at the hotel, and according to the report, Suh said he heard rustling in the trees behind his house after he returned home, “picked up a pellet gun that was in his garage … and looked through the scope towards the trees.”

Suh told officers “that he was ‘in fear’ for his and family members’ safety daily and would always protect his family,” according to the report.

“If you think I show aggression on the football field, I would show more to protect my family,” Suh told officers, according to the report.

If Suh shows the same aggression at home as he does on the field, I would be afraid for my life too.

In the end, the surveillance footage showed the truth was somewhere in the middle. Suh did have the pellet gun, but never pointed it at the cable guy.

The police have decided not to press any charges. Suh can’t seem to stay out of trouble on or off the field. Such a talented player, who seems to lack an off switch when he needs it.

5 thoughts on “Cable Guy Says Ndamukong Suh Threatened Him With a Gun

  • Being cable guy myself, I inform homewoners before entering property. Just sayin…..

  • The author is clearly trying to get a name for himself by creating a story out of nothing. The tape shows a story which lies in between? Between what? It obviously showed that Suh was telling the truth, and the police cleared him of any wrongdoing. How does this incident qualify as off-field “trouble” for Suh? Wow, make a name for yourself with honesty and integrity, not with sensational headlines that blur the truth for a few extra website hits. Terrible reporting.

    • I agree @Jay Ndamukong Suh is an exceptional NFL player and is now being singled out with an outrageous 100k fine for nothing compared to Clay Matthews hit on Kaepernick out of bound hit in last Sundays game! Why didn’t they fine Matthews for what seemed a worse offense than Suh’s hit? Sure seems like they are using Suh as an example early this season…and this author is trying to make more out of this “off field” situation to bash Suh or garner more fame as a sports writer? Bad form!

  • Sounds like another attempt to tear down Suh. Really? An AK-47? They must be exaggerating. The case file drew too many conclusions from too little evidence. Yes, Suh was showing aggression, but the cable operator stretched the truth too much. People will do anything to blame others to save themselves, what a douche.

  • I think all you gorilla journalists should stake out Robert littal @9 pm every nite and see how he likes it. littal probly sent the cable guy himself asshole!

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