Cam Newton Says You Don’t Throw Party Just Because You’re Black QB


Technically, Cam said you don’t throw a Bar Mitzvah just because you are a Black Quarterback (you can listen to full clip here).  Cam echoed my sentiments in my column while the phrase“Black Quarterback” should be eliminated from the media.

While being asked about the subject he brought up two important points.

1- He’s grateful for the ones who came before him because now the best player plays regardless of race.

2- He doesn’t want to be pigeonholed with just black quarterbacks.

He wants his name mentioned with all Quarterbacks, not just Kaepernick, but also Brady.  He says that he learns from all quarterbacks, not just Michael Vick, but Aaron Rodgers.

It is wrong to pigeonhole anybody regardless of race or position.  It’s sad he even has to answer these questions, but he did it in a very professional way and not just professional for a “black quarterback”, but as man.

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3 thoughts on “Cam Newton Says You Don’t Throw Party Just Because You’re Black QB

  • Just TRULY SAD that these Young Black Dudes feel the NEED to distance themselves from THEIR BLACKNESS Though… Cam is LQQKED UP TO by ALL of these Young College Black QBs that are coming into the League and NO DOUBT They will follow his LEAD in this Regard SMDH

    Cam even went so far as to say INSPIRING YOUNG BLACKS isn’t part of His Presence… Hiding behind the MANTRA of “INSPIRING EVERY KID” Though… IT Just TRULY DISGUST ME that every other RACE can have their VERY OWN IDENTITY (And FULLY EMBRACE IT…) But BLACKS CAN’T or REFUSE To Do THE SAME Becuz They so desperately want to APPEASE YT SOCIETY Though (Truly TRULY SAD…)

    Well If ME and MY Close Circle of FRIENDS are the ONLY ONES ON EARTH that chooses to EMBRACE OUR BLACKNESS Wholeheartedly (Then SO BI IT…) Becuz I REFUSE to Align MY SENSIBILITIES with a SOCIETY that doesn’t see me as THEIR EQUAL no matter how much YOU “COLORLESS MINDED Individuals” choose to THINK THEY DO (REAL…)

  • Rob, let me play devil’s advocate for a moment. I’m curious as you stand for being against the “black QB” mantra in the media, which I agree with, mainly because a few Black qbs aren’t even 100% Black heritage and frankly some qbs have easily beat the stereotypes associated with being a “black qb,” but why do you run a site called BlackSportsOnline and not SportsOnline?

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