Chip Kelly to Peyton Manning: ‘We’ll Go Play In A Parking Lot’


Chip Kelly wants Peyton Manning to know that regardless of how much rest the Broncos and Eagles have gotten, the two teams can get it on anywhere.

After Monday nights victory over the Raiders, Manning called out the NFL for what he perceived as preferential scheduling for the Eagles.

“We’re coming off of a short week — it’s nice of the NFL to give Philly 12 days and give us six,” Manning said, per CSN Philadelphia. “So we’ve got to handle that. We’ve still got some guys injured. So we’ve got to get some new guys playing.”

Because Philly played Kansas City last Thursday, the Eagles will have had 12 days off when they invade Mile High Stadium.  The Broncos of course will only have had 6 days of rest coming off Monday night.

Asked about Manning’s comments, Kelly initially brushed them off, then let Manning know that the Eagles and Broncos can play anywhere at anytime. 

“When do we go play?” Kelly asked rhetorically. “We got to play in a parking lot? We’ll go play in a parking lot. We don’t care.”

“We played three games in 11 days,” Kelly said. “I don’t care. We only worry about what we can control, and we don’t control the schedule.”