Colin Kaepernick Denies Dating Soccer Star Sydney LeRoux

sydney leroux dating kaepernick


Ladies get ready to cry?

Hunky quarterback Colin Kaepernick has been linked to a slew of women since his coming out party last season.

The newest female he’s rumored to be dating is Team USA soccer sensation Sydney Leroux. The two have openly had some semi flirtatious chat when she teased Colin’s Nevada team for the L they took vs UCLA.

When asked by local media about dating Kaepernick denied the rumors, stating bluntly:

“Not my girlfriend,”

He then denied seeing her 4 goal game on Tuesday vs Mexico, saying he was busying working.

Hmmm, should we believe him? Leroux has been linked to JJ Watt, and that soon fizzled out, as well.

Fellas, I guess this is your time to make your move

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5 thoughts on “Colin Kaepernick Denies Dating Soccer Star Sydney LeRoux

  • Why would any man deny dating this dime piece. This chick is just as bad as Skylar Diggins!

    • Uh maybe because they aren’t and weren’t dating…doh.

  • We have been through this folks just like JJ Watt with the I don’t have time for a girlfriend, there is a difference between dating and screwing and screwing and relationships BIG difference. I’m sure Colin has done a fair share of screwing without claiming just like a bunch of other ballers. GO NINERS

  • So you’re saying that Colin and JJ screwed this chick which would clasify her as a hoe! Oh well, let a hoe be a hoe!

    • Why is she a hoe for screwing him? Have you only had sex with 1 person in your whole life?

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