Photo of Floyd Mayweather’s $41 Million Check For Fighting Canelo


Floyd Mayweather

What a lot of people don’t realize is that boxers get their purse immediately after the fight. So, when it was filed to Las Vegas Boxing Commission that Mayweather would be guaranteed $41 million, that money had to be in his hand right after the fight and it was.

Mayweather Check

I think Warriors World sums up how we all feel right now.

The crazy thing is that this doesn’t even include the money Mayweather will receive from the gate receipts, sponsors, PPV and merchandising from the event.

His total take could be around $100 million.


  1. Floyd Mayweather brags about have over $100 million in one bank account. Real ballers like Mitt Romney have hundreds of millions of dollars in bank accounts in the Cayman Islands. I’m not hating, I just don’t want to see another black athlete go broke like Evander Holyfield and Mike Tyson. Remember American banks insure your money for up to $250,000 dollars.

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